Friday, January 17, 2014

Special thanks to my friend and fellow author, Michael Murphy (Goodbye Emily-, for including me and Rode to Death in his Goodreads blog below:

This time of year I'm reminded of the joy of being a writer. One of these joys is getting to know so many talented writers. I can't acknowledge everyone who's made my life richer, but I want to thank five in particular.

Toby Heathcotte. Thanks for being a friend, mentor and writing inspiration. You're a skilled novelist and now screenwriter who deserves the success I know is coming your way.

Marsha Roberts. You're a talented writer as evidenced by Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer I enjoyed so much.

Claude Nougat. I also enjoyed your baby boomer novel, A Hook in the Sky , but special thanks for making so many people aware of books by, about and for baby boomers; Boomer Lit.

Susan Union. Thanks for letting me read your upcoming novel, Rode to Death, Koehler Books, February 2014. A terrific read. Hope you and the novel achieve the success it deserves.

Betsy Ashton. Loved your terrific new novel, Mad Max: Unintended Consequences. Your tenacious marketing and promotion was an inspiration to me throughout the year. 

Best of success to all Goodreads writers in the coming year.