Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sink, swim or float

I can’t swim very well. Maybe that’s why I’m wary of diving into the world of blogging. What if I write something stupid or make a punctuation error? Before the world sees my books, my words are scrutinized by my writer’s group then by my agent and by my editor. These people are hawks. Nothing gets by them. When it’s just me and the keyboard, mistakes will be made.

Nobody’s perfect, so I’m jumping in the pond. Author KristenLamb’s excellent blog has inspired me to take the leap.

Here’s a post I scribbled a while back. I think it’s something everyone can relate to, author or not.

How the Internet distracts me while I’m trying to work:  I look up the spelling of the name Aguero to double check that I’ve got it right. Somehow, that leads me to a beautiful clear blue swimming hole somewhere in Spain. (Not pictured) Find where on the globe it is and get caught up looking at family vacation photos. Notice how much younger the wife is than the husband. Look at amount of children frolicking around them, wonder if she is his second wife or if she started giving birth at twelve. Are they rich or poor? Do they get along?

Being the conflicted Gemini that I am, half of me says this is beneficial, that I am constantly drumming up new ideas for plots, characters and relationships. The other half says hogwash and pulls up a recent www.Delanceyplace.comDelancey Place post entitled “You can’t do two things at once.”

The post doesn’t mention gender. I think women actually can multitask. Hold the baby, cook the meal, plan the budget, etc. Men on the other hand…

What do you think?