Monday, April 28, 2014

Writing Process Blog Tour

My wonderful and inspiring writer friend, Betsy Ashton, author of Mad Max Unintended Consequenceshas tossed me the baton for the Writing Process Blog Tour, along with the following questions: 
1. What am I working on? 
My work-in-progress is a mystery set on a wolf sanctuary in the mountains of Colorado. Tension between wolves and the people who love and hate them is very high these days, making a perfect breeding ground for murder. Doing the research for this book was fascinating. I’d never been so close to a wolf before; we got to go in the pens and hang out with them for a while. I’m a total animal lover and usually have no fear around horses and dogs, but I have to admit—I was a little intimidated by the wolves. They are beautiful and majestic, but wild, nonetheless. We were told to keep our hands at our sides and that if a wolf took a camera out of our pockets or a baseball cap right off our heads, to stand still and let ‘em! Luckily, I just got sniffed. 
2. Why do I write what I write? 
I’ve always loved mysteries. All kinds. Thrillers, cozies, mainstream. My favorite authors are Dick Francis, Sue Grafton, Robert B. Parker and Lee Child. I hope some of their influence(s) have soaked into my brain.
3. How does my work differ from others in the genre? 
I would say my work differs from other mysteries in that many of the characters are so involved with their animals, either as pets or as a career, that they favor them over people. Given the choice as to whether to hang out with their contemporaries or their dog and/or horse, my characters will likely choose the latter. That being said, my favorite thing to write is dialogue between two humans. When they have a conversation in my head, and I am merely eavesdropping--that’s what really blows my skirt up.
4. What is my writing process? 
I get up as early as possible, feed my dogs (I have a husky who'll yowl at me if I dawdle), grab my coffee and hit my desk. My office has a western/horse/empowered theme so I try to keep my butt in the “saddle” and write for as long as I can. Afternoons are usually spent on marketing. If I need a change of scenery, I go up to my tree house. It’s got lights, carpet, a beanbag chair and big windows. Best of all, no Internet access! 
The baton for this blog tour is being passed to Judy Bernstein, author of They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky, David Putnam, author of The Disposables and, D.R. Shoultz, author of Melting Sand and Corrupt Connection.
I'm looking forward to seeing how each of these talented writers answers these questions. Big thanks to Betsy Ashton for inviting me on this tour.

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